Just letting you guys know that I’ll be on hiatus and not posting for a little while. Visiting my parents for a couple of weeks to go wedding dress shopping soon and afterwards I’ll probably be focused on The Elder Scrolls Online.

So I’ll just get back to my Colbergs whenever the sim muse hits me again which probably won’t take that long since she never failed to come back in the past decade lol

Anonymous asked: Got all caught up in reading through your legacy, everything seemed normal, and then... bam! Stranded on an island, then the grim reaper adopts the baby. One of the weirdest plot twists I've ever seen haha.

Guess this is what happens when I try to change it up a bit ;)…I admit that it was a tiny bit weird and believe me I was debating with myself really long wether or not I should just reload lol

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Anonymous asked: wcif coras leggings? :)

They are from Anubis Under The Sun and you can get them here.
You can find them under Accessoires and they are damn useful hehe

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lizarella replied to your photo “Critically checking her evaluation card”

I’ve never seen that poster before, is it CC?

I think it is one of the University Freebies you can get at the meet and greet.

Anonymous asked: Are you aware on how to split sim pictures? i've been trying to do it but i don't know and if you don't would you mind signal boosting thanks in advance.

actually I don’t know how and my sad attempts at it never turned out so well :/
Could anybode help out here? :)

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Critically checking her evaluation card

Critically checking her evaluation card

Cora can’t sleep because some students decided to have a midnight protest against clowns right next to her dorm room….

The colors of fall :)

Reapplying for funds was succesful

Reapplying for funds was succesful

A megaphone is such a great way to scare people

A megaphone is such a great way to scare people